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By Elizabeth Morgan

Savings accounts are opened by individuals and maintained by banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. Savings accounts pay interest on money that is deposited in the account. However, the money held in the savings account cannot be spent directly, such as by writing a check. Savings accounts are mainly aimed at allowing account holders to set aside a portion of their liquid assets as a part of their savings strategy. The best savings accounts that offer better interest rates to account holders are preferred, as they allow savings to accumulate faster. Therefore, people must compare the interest rates offered by various financial institutions to the find the best savings account offering the best rates.

Savings account function differently as compared to checking accounts. The numbers of withdrawals, as well as transfers that can be made per month are limited, and savings account holders do not have the option of using checks to do so. It is also possible to use the money in these best savings accounts to make purchases. However, in order to make purchases, savings account balances need to be transferred to either transactions deposit that are also known as checkable deposit or currency.

Offshore savings accounts are a great option available for people living and working abroad. Offshore savings accounts allow account holders to protect their wealth and hard-earned assets. They also allow people with global business interests to conduct business in a confidential and private manner. Health Savings Accounts or HSAs are designed to assist individuals to put aside savings for future qualified medical and retiree health expenses without incurring any taxes.

Best savings accounts are established for the sole purpose of putting aside a part of income that comes in handy during retirement, emergencies or any future purchase. A flourishing savings account positively reflects on the account holders' credit score, as it establishes their superior money management skills.

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