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If you've been following the news lately, you've probably heard about the contentious issue of High Interest Rate on Savings Accounts, introduced by some banks in recent years. The concept generated some buzz recently and the debate heated up between critics and supporters of the initiative.

A Highest Interest Interest Rate On Savings Account offers people high yield while keeping risk at virtually zero, because most banks offer FDIC insured accounts. Other kind of investments, such as  stocks, offer the opportunity of higher yields, but with serious risk of losing money instead. Moreover, stock investments require that you watch closely the evolution of the stock market and act consequently, which means work, time and considerable stress. If you wish peace of mind and good yields then you should find a high interest savings account, which many banks offer.

Choosing the highest interest rate on savings account would at first glance seem to be as simple as shop for the one with the highest interest rate, but there are several other factors to take into account too. One of the first choices is a direct savings accounts, which are operated solely online, by telephone, and by post, with no possibility of visiting a bank branch to conduct business. This means they are cheaper to run for the banks, with less administration and staff costs, and so in turn they are willing to offer more attractive interest rates. Indeed, those tend to have the highest interest rate on savings account. When internet direct high interest savings accounts first appeared, some of them offered ten times the interest of a typical branch-based account, although the gap has narrowed considerably over the years.

Other type of savings account with high interest rate worth to consider is the money market savings account. These offer a high yield and personal service, but has some restrictions that you be aware of, as: You must keep a balance above the minimum set by the bank;  the number of deposits per month is limited to a maximum also set by the bank, which usually is about 3; the number of withdrawals or checks is also limited to about 3 per month for most banks. Even so, if you are looking for a highest interest rate on savings account, you should consider this type of account a strong candidate, if you can afford the limitations. Some banks offer rates of up to 5.25 %, depending on the amount of the minimum balance.

The highest interest rate on savings account, in some cases up to 8% and even more, normally is the certificate of deposit (CD).  A CD has no risk up to $100,000 and is purchased directly through a commercial bank or savings institution. The certificate indicates that the investor has deposited a sum of money for specified period of time and at a specified rate of interest. CD rates terms and dollar amounts will vary from institution to institution. CDs are not publicly traded as securities. You can also purchase CDs through a stockbroker. Because brokers have access to CDs from many institutions across the country, investors have more choices in regard to terms and yield. Many brokers do not charge investors a fee for CDs. Instead, they usually receive a commission from the issuing bank. Since brokered CDs are still bank CDs, they are insured by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.) up to $100,000. The CDs are excellent method of savings, if you can afford to let your money sit for a bit. High yield CDs are an good investment choice for anyone willing to forgo accessibility to funds in exchange for a high-yield, low-risk investment. This probably have the highest interest rate on savings account.

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