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Start Saving with a Savings Account
by Adam Heist

Everyone wants to be rich and in order to do so we have to be wise with our money. The first thing that we need to do is make sure we save some money every month. This has to be a priority, and be treated like a bill to be paid and not something to be done with what is left over every month. If you try to save whatever is left over, you will not have anything to save.

Now the question arises how much should you save? That's a topic for a different day however for the time being let me just tell you that general between 10-15% of earnings should consistently go into savings. If you can maintain that kind of ratio then you are well on your way to financial success. Of course, if you can manage to save more than that, please be my guest because that will mean you will reach financial freedom that much faster.

Now while you are going ahead and starting to save with the earnings of your first job you need to understand and decide your investment strategy. There are so many places to park you money that one can easily get lost. You should conduct serious research in all the money instruments such as a savings account, bonds, stocks, commodities or alternative forms such as art or coins for the more exquisite investors.

In the meantime you will always have to handle a savings account. This money might be something that is just left over or an account you use to accumulate a certain amount before your buy anything. In any case you ought to understand the important things regarding this.

Firstly, relax to know that savings accounts at federally insured depository institutions are protected by federal deposit insurance. Now as different banks savings accounts offer different features there are a host of questions you need to check with your bank before you go ahead and start maintaining an account with them.

Of course you need to start with the interest rate. If they can change the rate arbitrarily after you open the savings account? Do they pay differing rates of interest depending on the amount you have in the account? How often is the interest compounded?

Then there is the other side of things and that is the fees. Will you pay a monthly / quarterly fee to maintain the account? Will there be charges if the balance of the savings account  falls below a certain limit. In case of use with ATM?s is there any charge?

So make sure to get all the facts before you open up your next savings account.

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